Everyone, we have applied for an award from Pepsi Corporation.  We kindly ask that you vote for us by following these directions:
1.  Go to Pepsi and register by clicking here.
2.  Pepsi will email you a confirmation which you will need to click in your email.
3.  Sign into Pepsi by clicking 'Sign In' at the bottom left corner of the Confirmation Webpage.
4.  After you sign in, go to 'Current Leaders' at  the top of the page.  We are currently in the mid 30's for ranking so you may need to refresh the page at the bottom of the list.
5.  When you find our project, please click it and vote for us. You may vote EVERY DAY.  

Our Goal is to reach the top 20 to be eligible for a $5,000 grant which we will use to continue to spread the word about the mis-use of plastic and its dangers to our environment.
More bottles.... please.....this is a desperate cry for help....please...anyone..?
The Bottle Boat Boys are doing everything we can through the Bottle Boat Initiative to help the community to make environmentally conscious decisions. So tell us what you are doing in you everyday life to help the environment. Maybe its shaving a few minutes off of your shower-time, or maybe you bring your own reusable tupper ware when you go out to grab a bite. Share with us your environmentally friendly choices.   
I just wanted to let everyone know how the boat is going.
We just finished our 2 pontoon frames, and painted them. We are now strapping on the bottles, but wee under estimated the numbers. We will need about 300 more bottles.

If anyone has any bottles, please send us an e-mail @ bottleboatboys@gmail.com